In April of 2013, my wife Sally, Founder of Fabian's Law, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  Sally has been bravely fighting this terrible disease and is confident that she will beat it.  The day that she was diagnosed, she became a Breast Cancer Survivor along with so many more women that are diagnosed, they too are Breast Cancer Survivors.  This page is dedicated to the many that have been diagnosed and now fighting the greatest battle of their lives, to those that have lost their battle and to those that will be diagnosed. 


Get Involved!!!


 Early dectection is the lifesaver to beat this deadly disease.  Get Involved by doing monthly self examinations, yearly mammograms and anytime you observe an unusual condition, especially if your family has a history of Breast Cancer.


Please Get Involved by encouraging your Sisters, Mothers, Aunts, Wives, Girlfriends, Best Friends and Co-Workers to get checked.


Sally Sedona crop


 Thank You to the many that supported US during this difficult time and here is a shout out to those that are Breast Cancer Survivors.


Linda Estudillo, Justine Bennetta-Giglio, Collette Busser, Molly Chavira, Petra Federico, Aurelia Lopez, Rhonda Hillman, Sonia Lambert, Terri Ibarra, Marina Vargas, Delores Moreno, Anna Betancourt Romero, Lydia Gottlieb, Linda Lee, Donna Lipari, Sandra Rodriguez, Margo Lutz, Linda Carroll, Lettie Reed, LaDonna Jean Schukei, Maria Rodriguez, Julie Paul, Anabella Perez, Patricia Pacelle, Vicki Stark and to the many more who continue to survive.


To those that lost their lives to Breast Cancer.


Loretta Martinez, Tina Portek, Sophie Salazar, Mary Lou Rivera, Marg Argiro, Otelia Pacheco, Rachael Pacheco, Shirley M. Blanchard, Anita Olsman and the many more that are honored for their gallant battle.