Our beloved miniature poodle, Fabian, was killed by an unleashed pit-bull on September 5, 2009. Fabian was on his owner's leash, in his driveway, when the neighbor's "Aggressive Dog" ran out of their backyard, from across the street, and viciously attacked Fabian. Minutes later, Fabian was rushed to an emergency animal hospital but did not survive.

Two ordinary people, Richard and Sally Andrade of Glendale, Arizona turned a tragic event and championed legislation for an "Aggressive Dog Owner Responsibility Law", after their dog Fabian. This statewide Law is dedicated, not only to Fabian, but to all dog owners who have either been victims of or have lost their pet due to a "Dog-on-Dog" attack. Fabian's Law is also for the people who have been victims of dog attacks.

 Since 2009, we had been advocating Legislation to hold irresponsible dog owners both civilly and criminally responsible for their pet's actions, especially when it is involved in a "Dog-on-Dog" attack.

 In 2010, before we established Fabian's Law, HB2044 passed overwhelmingly in the House of Representatives, but died in the Senate, because a Senator believed "Is there not already enough government intervention in our lives".  Would this same Senator think these "Attacks" do not impact our lives?

Despite this initial setback, on April 25, 2011, Governor Janice Brewer signed HB2137 into law ‑ "Fabian's Law".

Fabian's Law is not, has not, and never has been about Breed Select Legislation.

Fabian's Law is about protecting the rights of Responsible Pet Owners who comply with State Laws and punishing those that allow their "Aggressive Dog" to attack that result in either injury or death to a Person or Domestic Animal.

We are not done, we will assist victims from other States that are trying to enact Fabian's Law, which will protect the rights of Responsible Dog Owners.


If you or a loved one has become a victim of an "Aggressive Dog" attack, Please contact us at:  randrade13@cox.net