Andre was thrown out of a car in a black plastic bag. Injured and curled up, his eyes covered in slime, very thin, and badly abused was still alive despite his injuries.

A passerby who tried to care for Andre, contacted Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and from there MCACC sent a call out for assistance. The Feathers Foundation, a non-profit organization, specializing in the care of injured and neglected animals responded to MCACC’s call.  An emergency clinic that treated Andre, estimated that Andre was approximately 4 years old and a miniature pinscher.

Sandy Powers saw Andre's story on a local TV news station, and like so many, was horrified to hear the details about Andre's abuse. When Sandy met Andre, it was "Love at First Sight” and she knew she would be able to give Andre the love and care that he deserved. Andre learned to step slowly and carefully following nearby voices to guide him through a world he could no longer see.

The community donated from $5 to $60 which totaled to $17,000. Due to Andre's medical bills, $5,000 was used for his care and the remaining was used for other abused and neglected pets. This clearly shows that “WE” as a society will not tolerate “Animal Cruelty”.

Sadly, on October 6th, 2012, Andre passed away due to the extreme trauma he suffered 10 months earlier.

Today Sandy lives in Nebraska with Andre’s remains.  She is honored to know that today "Andre the Rescue Dog" has become the “Poster Dog” who will stand against “Animal Cruelty” for the State of Arizona.